The Beautiful Blogger & The Versatile Blogger Awards!!

Hi Girls!

I have been nominated for two awards, “The Beautiful Blogger Award” and “The Versatile Blogger Award” by Anam Zaman Khan ofB With Beauty Numz and Umaima Mehtab of Dudette’s TalkThank you so much Sweeties for nominating Me, I have never thought writing only 7 points about myself will be so hard…

This Award post have some following Rules:

  • Thanks to the blogger who nominated you.
  • List 7 random and interesting facts about yourself.
  • Nominate creative and beautiful bloggers.
  • Notify the amazing people that you have nominated them for the award.

So here I’m revealing my 7 random facts to you: 

1. I am so much addicted to Black Tea. I feel sleepy and tired without having it every 2-3 hours.  I even can not sleep without having my cuppa.
2. I’m a true Pinkholic, not because pink depicts being girly, but my eyes got glued inevitably when I see some pink attractive stuff.  I want everything pink, everywhere in my world.

3. Reading books especially in winter nights is my sideline. My favourite author is Umera Ahmed. Believe me, she describes bitter verities in such a fascinating way.

4. I believe in self satisfaction, no matter how much time it takes to achieve. Indeed, its a creative process of self learning and grooming.

5. People with double standards irritates me, and can make my mood off easily. But its sad to have diplomats surrounding us. 

6. I do not wear much makeup, but adding new stuff to my stash is my avocation.

7. I’m more delighted on  day-outs with friends, rather than family gatherings.

Further Nominations:
I would like to know more about the following fellows:

Hope you girls find them interesting!

75 thoughts on “The Beautiful Blogger & The Versatile Blogger Awards!!

  1. hi, you have a great blog!
    I like how you write
    I like to be in touch with interesting blogs
    You may agree to follow for follow?
    I would be very nice if you said yes <3
    kisses from Polish: *

  2. Woww love to read these facts.. And i think your and my choice is quite same.i alsoo love pink a lot and do not use much makeup and i also love to hang out with my friends…
    Thanks a lot for nominating..xoxo

  3. OMG….I am so happy for you Isma really it's a great
    And thank you so much for the love you have shown me regarding nominating me I loved the info you shared with us There was a time when I was too black coffee person but I quite when I realize I am Addicted

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