Stylish Ladies Abaya Designs 2018

Salam Girls,

How many of you wear abayas? I think abaya makes a women decent in a crowd. Abaya, also known as Aba, Khimar, or Burqah, is a sign of modesty, and a symbol of Islamic clothing. It is mostly worn in Arab and Gulf states by the Muslim women to cover their entire body, except head, face, hands, and feet. Another piece of cloth called hijab or scarf, is used as a veil, to cover hair and face.



Abaya is an outer garment, which can be worn over a dress. A wonted abaya is a plain black loose garment, with long sleeves and floor length. It can be in any color, but chiefly subtle colored abayas are appreciated. Customarily, fabrics use to make abayas are crepe, georgette, jersey, and chiffon. The abaya is hemmed in two ways, either it is open from the front, with buttons, and worn from the shoulders. Or it is closed at front, with no buttons, and worn from the top of the head. All the abaya lovers can scrutinize fashionably designed Abaya Collection With Price.



Contemporary, abaya is not only worn as a symbol of modesty, but also as a trend. The western women wear it in cloak or robe style, and adopting this dress as a fashion. Many fashion designers have instigated designer abayas. It has sundry stylish cuts, such as caftan, cardi, kimono, gown, drapped abaya, and many more. Our regional designers has launched Pakistani Abaya Designs 2018. Now you can flaunt in embellished abayas with embroidery, crystals, sequins, beads, laces, and what not.


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