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The Brand is a new makeup Facebook fan page. They are introducing varieties of eye shadows, including mousse, shimmers, glitters, matte, and others along with the other branded stuff.

Product Packaging

The transparent plastic box comes with 12 pots of Dust and Shimmer loose pigments. The package also includes an eye shadow base pot, an eye shadow brush, and a blending brush.


Basically, they do not have any kind of smell like the other eye shadows.


You can use these shadows in two ways:

– Apply the base on your entire eye lid before putting eye makeup on.

– Apply the base on the brush first and then dip the brush into shadow pot.

Shimmer Pots

 Matte Pots

Overall Exposure
This pack contains 4 mattes and 8 glittery pots. The pots are tightly closed, so they do not fall out during shipping. You can dip the pots in lukewarm water for a minute, and then they can be opened easily. But after using, do not forget to close them tightly again, else they will make your makeup stash messy.

I’m so much impressed with their pigmentation and staying power. The matte ones are much easier to use, while you need to know little tactics while playing with glitters. However, the provided eye shadow base which is a white wax like substance, which assists the glitters to stick on the brush easily. I suggest you to apply the base on your eyelids first with your finger tips, and then rub the blending brush on the base and then apply glitter on eyes, so they would not create a mess, and can be easily blended on your eyes effortlessly.


The matte ones are golden, copper, brown, and white. While the shimmer includes golden, silver, black, red, pink, purple, blue, and green. All the shades are perfect for creating a party eye makeup look.

I love to use these shimmer shadows as glitter gel liners, and they look gorgeous. Plus, the glitter pots can be used for nail art too. You can wear a shimmery nail polish by applying glitters over the base nail coat or any other nail color, and seal it with a transparent top coat.


– Not pricey.

– Eye shadow base is appropriate.

– Variety of shades.

– Versatile uses.


– Heavy fallout.
 Leave the hands messy.


They are affordable and nice for the beginners. I suggest girls to play with this mix and match pack for eye makeover experimentation.

How Much

Dust And Shimmer Pack is for 850 PKR.


This pack is available only at

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