Protein Factor Chilli Chicken Sandwich Review

I got this tasty and healthy snack box of chilli chicken sandwich from Protein Factor as a complementary package.

Protein Factor Chilli Chicken Sandwich Package

The Brand
Protein Factor is Islamabad based food service. They deliver the healthy meals, snacks, and salads in twin cities (Rawalpindi and Islamabad). Health conscious people can now enjoy without worrying about their calories intake.

Protein Factor Pack

The Brand Claims
They offer you ‘Low Calorie High Protein’ meals.


The sandwich box was in a paper bag with the brand label and details printed on it. It was an airtight plastic tray container to preserve the food’s freshness. The chilli sauce was separately packed in a round plastic container, so it may not spill on the sandwiches.

Chilli Chicken Sandwich Packaging
The food items were made from brown bread, chicken, vegetables, mayonnaise, and a tad bit chillies.
Chilli Chicken Sandwich Ingredients
The food presentation was engaging. A green chilli and the side salad ornamentation made the perfect blend of colors.
Chilli Chicken Sandwich Presentation
Overall Exposure
The box included 4 mini sandwiches, chilli sauce, and some salad, that can be enough for two people. The sandwiches were prepared with brown bread, filled with mayonnaise marinated chicken and a small amount of red chillies, along with fresh lettuce, cabbage and tomato slices. The sandwiches were accompanied by some mayo cabbage salad and chilli sauce.
Chilli Chicken Sandwiches With Chilli Sauce
The sandwiches had an appropriate proportion of chillies as they were made according to the fitness rules, and were not too spicy. You can add extra spice to the sandwich by pouring some sauce inside the sandwich, or just dip it in the sauce.
Sandwich – Inner View
I liked this nutritious and well-balanced snack pack, and I enjoyed it with my evening tea. However, the taste level was not extraordinary, and the sauce was just passable.
Healthy Evening Snack
You can count how many calories you have consumed with the calorie counter label, paste at the lid of the container. All in all, it’s a perfect fitness snack.
Protein Factor Chilli Chicken Sandwich Calorie Count
– Healthy snacks and meals.
– Offer deals.
– Airtight packaging.
– Home delivery.
– Economical Prices.
– Limited menu.
– Available only for Islamabad and Rawalpindi customers.
I recommend diet conscious people to order with Protein Factor at least once, you will love it for sure.
They are based in F 10, Islamabad.
Price for Chilli Chicken Sandwich is Rs. 250.
More Information
Facebook: @proteinfactor
Instagram: @proteinfactor
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