Press Release | Servis Tyres Launches Its New Ad Campaign

The Brand

Servis Tyres is the most ruling name in Pakistan for tyres and tubes. The brand posses a versatile portfolio and always brings in new tyre designs for motorcycles in the market. The company fulfils all types of customer needs, whether its an OEM, replacement market or an export customer.

Servis Tyres

New Ad Campaign
Servis Tyres have been coming up with the most adventurous commercials in the past which were a big hit, so now the line has commenced a new star studded ad campaign, featuring two new faces Danish Taimoor and Hamza Ali Abbasi along with Shaan Shahid, to gain a gigantic uprising for this time too.

Revealing the two new faces for Servis Tyres TVC,
Danish Taimoor and Hamza Ali Abbasi
Servis Tyres launches its new TVC, 
featuring Shaan Shahid

Chalti Rahay Zindagi

‘Chalti Rahay Zindagi’ is a new soulful Servis Tyres TVC, Chanted by Ali Zafar, Starring Shaan Shahid, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Danish Taimoor.

Servis Tyres launches its new TVC track

Care Free rides with Servis Tyres
It depicts a story of 3 stunning and passionate Bikers who are full of life, joy, and fun loving. The care free moments while riding and enjoying a road trip with friends, makes the audience lachrymose. The melodious composition is an icing on the cake. The lyrics, soft vocals, and the track take the listener back to the golden days of his life.
Going on an adventurous road trip with friends?
Make your trip memorable and Choose Servis Tyres for an enjoyable journey!

Enjoy a hassle free ride with Servis Tyres.
With Servis Tyres, chalti rahay zindagi!

Certainly, this TVC will acquire public attention, and will be remembered for many more years to come.

* This press release article is not transcribed from any where.

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