Pizza Hut Live To The Edge Of The Crust Pizzas

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Here we are with another yummilicious post. ‘Pizza Hut’ contacted us a couple of days back, to send their flavorsome pizzas to review.

The Brand

Pizza Hut needs no introduction. It’s an American restaurant chain founded in 1958, by Dan and Frank Carney.


They were packed in the cardboard boxes, with the labels and other details printed on it.


Pizza Packaging

Overall Exposure

So basically, Pizza Hut wanted us to try and test their newly launched ‘Pizza Pockets – Meal on the go!’. But unfortunately, the Pizza Pockets were not available for us in their kitchen at that time of the evening. Hence, they sent us two palatable pizzas and drinks.


Chicken Tikka & Chicken Fajita Pizzas

The idea behind introducing the Pizza Pockets is that you can enjoy the meal in small and handy size while driving, working from your desk, chatting in parks, and so on. They are available in different exciting flavors for just 195 bucks.


Enjoy Food With Work

Lets come to ‘Live to the Edge of the Crust’ pizzas we got to eat. They were in ‘Chicken Tikka’ and ‘Chicken Fajita’ savours, along with the beverages. They were fresh, delicious, and very up to the mark, Pizza Hut is known for.


Pizzas With Beverages


All foodie people already love Pizza Hut, and I’d suggest them to try their new food items too.


At every Pizza Hut restaurant.




Thanks Pizza Hut for the treat!

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