New Year Giveaway

Hey Lovely Ladies!
As we all know that the winter has always landed in the last month of the year, and all of us enjoy our winter holidays while planning New Year resolutions and celebrations. So, I contemplated to make your celebrations more enjoyable and memorable this time, with my first ever blog giveaway. Fashion Galore is giving away this amazing all in a one concealer, corrector, and contour palette to one lucky winner.
Obligatory Approaches:
– Follow our blog through GFC.
– Like our Facebook page: Walk In Vogue
– Like Sponsor’s page: Fashion Galore
– Participants must invite 3 friends on the sponsor’s page.
– Share this giveaway banner on Facebook publicly.
– Comment under this blog post with your social media handles.
Additional Approaches:
– Follow us on
– Follow us on Twitter@walk_in_vogue
– Follow us on Google Plus: Walk In Vogue
– Follow us on Pinterest: Walk In Vogue
– Share this banner on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with hashtag #WalkInVogueGiveaway1.
– You can share this banner on your social platforms daily once.
– Tag your Female friends under the giveaway post on all social media platforms.
– You must not share the banner more than once each day on one platform.
– You must make your giveaway posts public.
– Private Messages will lead to immediate disqualification.
– Do not write or let your friends write (that they are invited by you) on our page.
– Do not tag your male friends.
– Fake entries/accounts will be disqualified.
– Male persons are not allowed to enter.
Terms & Conditions: 
– Giveaway contest ends on 31.12.2015 at 11:59 PM, PKT.
– Open for residents of Pakistan only.
– The winner will be chosen randomly.
– If you are under 18 please take your parents permission to enter.
– The winner will have to contact us within 24 hours after announcement, else new winner will be chosen.
– We are not responsible for any damagecompensations occurs during shipping. The prize will be dispatched directly by the sponsor.
– The Final Decision can not be challenged.
This giveaway is not any way associated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google.
Good Luck!

And The Winner Is *Anaya Zaheer* Congratulations!

61 thoughts on “New Year Giveaway

  1. Done hope to win
    Insta: mussarat_tahir
    Twitter: tahir_mussarat
    GFC:gurya mushi
    Done hope to win
    Ur page already liked
    And also sponsor page already liked😅

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    Shared about the giveaway on twitter instagram and fb
    Invited three friends on the sponser's page
    XOXO 🙂

  4. Thank you for the amazing giveaway…Best wishes for your blog…
    ALL Done…Wish to Win In Sha Allah….

    Liked…Shared….&….Tagged on post
    Facebook: anum chaudhary
    instagram @anumcutie
    twitter @anumcutie
    Pininterest Anum Zara
    GFC anum zara
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    🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Tagged 🙂

    1) Shaima Rehmani
    2) Sanam Mahru
    3) Komal Sarfraz
    4) Lubna Kashif
    5) Lubna Chaudhary

    Gfc :
    Insta: ahmed_afifa
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    Fb name: afifa ahmed
    > Tagged 3 friends under giveaway post on sponsor's page
    >tagged 5 friends here
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    Done! ��������

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    tagged friends on your page and Done all!

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  10. Pinterest:mussaratsultana
    Shared Everywhere With #WalkInVogueGiveaway1
    And Tagged friends And Invited Them

  11. done all steps by successfully!!!
    Here you go for my users details..
    Facebook: "Rubab Zehra" Liked Both pages on facebook and invited my friends through invite option to like yours and sponcer page 🙂 and shared the giveaway post with hashtag and tag friends on giveaway post.
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    Hope for the best !! xx 😀 😀

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    Done 🙂

  14. GFC: Hira Abdullah
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