Latest Trends In Women’s Watches

To the person who watches, everything reveals itself. 
– Italian Proverb

Women’s Watches is an essential fashion accessory in every trend loving women’s closet. Stylish wrist watches are not only considered as a timepiece that tells you the time accuracy, but sometimes they are admired as a jewelry piercing. It actually adds glam and elegance to a feminine look at the same time.

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Today, there are so many wristwatch brands in the market, manufacturing mediocre to finesse quality watches, charging from low to highly expensive prices. All it depends on the strap material, dial design, sizes, and colors.

Latest Trends

Some current adaptations in analog ladies wrist watches are shortlisted here.

Dial Design
The exceedingly beautiful dials stunned your eyes. They fall in these categories:

– Artistic and Embellished Dials

These dials posses fantastic engraved aesthetic art, flowers, ornaments, stones, etc.

– Mother Of Pearl Dials

The bezels of such dials are furnished with gems, jewels, pearls, stones, crystals, etc. to make it classy.

– Skeletonized Dials

They shows the inside device apparatus or infrastructure of the watch on the surface.

– Geometric Dials

These dials are shaped as tonneau, round, rectangle, square, etc.

– Complicated Dials

Such dials contain multiple sub dials mechanism e.g. moon phase pattern, etc.


Colorful watches are always a great choice of a trendy woman. A great variety of colors are get-at-able varies from vibrant to subtle tones. They may come up as:

– White Watches 

They have huge color varieties of nude, beige, rose quartz, mint, serenity blue, emerald green, etc.

– Gold Tone Watches 

These contain shades of peach echo, iced coffee, rose gold, etc.

– Dark Hues Watches 

They are made up of dark variations of black, blue, brown, etc.

– Earthy Tone Watches 

Such watches include neutral and pastel color ranges, like dusty cedar, warm taupe, potters clay, grass, etc.

– Funky Colored Watches 

These are much popularized in teen girls, having modifications of bright colors, e.g. pink, red, orange, purple, etc.

Strap Arrangement

Straps are the most prominent part of a wristwatch. It can be fabricated of any material, such as, Leather, Ceramic, Stainless Steel, etc.

Tissot Ladies Watch

Wearing watches make your arms and hands appearance delicate and sophisticated. Tissot Watches for Women have some exceptional and voguish wrist watch designs, exclusively available online, at reasonable prices, with free home delivery.

What kind of wristwatch matches to your style statement?

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