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How many of you have ever dreamed of having long, smooth, silky, thick, and highly textured hair? I’m sure, all of us do. So get ready to achieve your desired hair look with CC Hair Extensions and live your dreams up!

CC Hair Extensions claims to manufacture 100% natural hair extensions, using virgin Brazilian and Indian remy human hair, with the most exceptional quality within the modest price tag. CC Hair Extensions provides you all the customized attributes you want to add to your hair. You can decide the length, volume, weight, texture, material, and even color for your hair. So, no more need to dye your hair according to the changing trends. Plus, you can have them in straight, wavy, or in curly form. They are simple to embed, easy to carry, and give you versatile looks. Seriously, what more can a girl ask for!

Lets have some interesting details of these unique types of hair extensions:

Clip in Hair Extensions:
Clip in hair extensions are the most acclaimed hair extension, as it can be fixed and removed quickly and conveniently. You just need to clip the extension underneath your own hair and acquire the heavy hair guise.

Hair Weave:
Hair weaves are also titled as Weft hair extension. It is more familiar among black women as compared to white women. You can settle the extension precisely, to possess curly, silky and soft hair do.  Do not worry, it would not get jumbled or dropped until you detach it yourself. 

Tape Hair Extensions:
Tape hair extensions is also named as Skin Weft hair extension, as it can easily be inserted beneath the upper layer of your hair, by simply taping the extension with your scalp. It will become hidden, giving your hair a voluminous semblance.

Bonded Hair Extensions:
Pre-Bonded hair extensions are of two types, U Tip or Nail Tip Hair Extension, and I Tip or Stick Tip Hair Extension. Both extension types are in the form of strands. These extensions are mostly purchased by salons, as it may not easy to apply directly by yourself, so a hair stylist can assist you.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions:
Micro Loop hair extensions is extremely popular among African and American women. This ring extension is all-round. Women with thin hair or short hair can smoothly implement this extension, and calmly obtain different hair styles. The most captivating fact is you can also wear it as a protective appliance during the growth of your natural hair.

CC Hair Extensions website offers a wide range of hair extensions, and ships world wide within 3-5 Business Days. Also, it provides you a complete guidance including how to apply and remove these extensions, how to choose, carry, and maintain your extension according to your personality, and supply some useful hair accessories too.

P.S. This is a sponsored post. All the information and images are taken from CC Hair Extension website.

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