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Advantages & Disadvantages Of E-Commerce

These days, we all prefer Online Shopping, as it is much convenient and provides us multiple options to choose from a number of online shops. Shopping over the Internet is a form of E-Commerce, and it is briskly expanding. E-Commerce or electronic commerce is the process of purchasing and vending commodities and amenities via an electronic medium, i.e. Internet.


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Let’s discuss some important E-Commerce Pros & Cons from a customer’s point of view, that must be considered while shopping virtually.

Advantages Of E-Commerce

– You can do hassle free and time saving e-shopping.

– You can surf for your desired products or services effortlessly.

– You can place an order quickly and get fast delivery.

– Virtual stores have extended range of items in stock.

– You can check price comparison over different websites.

– You can purchase anytime, and anywhere, without any time and geographical constraint.

– Tracking information issued by the seller, enables you to track your package’s whereabouts.

– Electronic payment options serves you secure and safe transactions.

– Rural areas can now access the easy procedure for money transactions.

Disadvantages Of E-Commerce

– There is no money back guarantee.

– Product’s quality may not be ensured just by looking at the photos.

– You cannot bargain for a product, or negotiate with the seller.

– Fraudulent e-stores and sellers may cheat you.

– Your orders can be delayed and may not reach on time.

– Your package may got lost during shipping from remote territories.

– It is a risk to shop for something whose reviews are not already furnished.

– Merchants use customers personal information, and send them marketing emails.

– If the seller and buyer have different locations, it can lead to hefty taxation and delivery charges.

Hope you find this post useful and informative. Keep these points in your mind, and stay safe!

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